Swayed by the Lime, Stayed for the Lime

Good with a squeeze of lemon.

Breaking Not News – We all knew I was idol anime trash and it was only a matter of time.

I was studying for my abstract exam yesterday and decided to marathon all of the current Marginal #4 anime episodes (I’m done with the exam now, so no worries until the next). I’ve been aware of Magi4 for a while, but only now have I actually given it a shot.

So like… I avoided Magi4 because I wasn’t a fan of green hair BUT THEN MY FAVE ENDED UP BEING 50 SHADES OF MARIMO. It’s proven, I’m easy. If it’s not glasses, it’s something whack like this and I’m ok with this.

This is from the pasta/softcore horror episode.

This show is honestly so nonsensical but cute I can’t help but adore it.

One of the first episodes is about Lucky Underwear. There’s another about pasta and includes softcore horror. There’s an ep about a stuffed penguin mascot and one about them making udon. This show was clearly made with someone like me in mind because it’s either about cute shit or food… or a dummy mic bust of Pythagoras.

tfw ur confessing love to Pythagoras

Not for everyone, but it is indeed for me.


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