monthly wrap-ups

I have no recollection of the new years and I resolve nothing

Guys, I slept through new years. And I make no resolutions besides keeping at it with the art and self improvement as always. I’m honestly all about the treat-yoself life nowadays, I’m not gonna feel bad if I don’t have to, so I guess if I had one resolution, it’s to drop the BS in life way faster.

November/December reading

I honestly have no recollection of this other than the books I’ll list that I’ve finished. I have the memory of a gold fish and it’s amazing that I’ve gotten this far:


  • Brooding YA Hero by Carrie Ann DiRisio 👌 3/5 stars
  • A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir👎 3/5 stars | Review
  • An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson👎 2.5/5 stars | Review

Not exactly a good month for me in terms of quality of books I read. I feel like Brooding YA Hero tried to do too many things at once and was a bit repetitive but was still enjoyable despite that. This review (not mine) of it summarizes my thoughts about how some elements didn’t blend well together. An Enchantment of Ravens had interesting world building, but it tried to be an anti-ACOTAR type romance while hitting many similar motifs as ACOTAR does and it’s not nearly as interesting. And plus it shits all over romance while trying to be “smart” and “not like other romances.” It’s not exactly a loving jab at the tropes you see nowdays in YA paranormal romances, which COULD work, but it was just obnoxiously done here. I honestly Do Not want to remember what happened in ATATN there was some NTR and momma doesn’t like NTR even tho it is a YA romance staple at this point.


  • Uprooted by Naomi Novik 👎 2/5 starsReview
  • Before She Ignites by Jodie Meadows 👍 4.5-5/5 stars | Review
  • Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes 👎 2/5 stars | Review

The Wood is a great villain in Uprooted, but god the rest of the book falls flat. Before She Ignites was a gem and I’m interested in reading Meadows’ other work. Give me some dragons and political intrigue and I’m there for you. I boght Falling Kingdoms for $1 at my library and honestly I want to put this thing back on their shelves. It’s just mediocre. Everyone is TSTL and so OFC the evil king looks like a genius in comparison. Hm.

What else I’ve been up to:


– I got preoccupied with playing Sims 4 with my OCs. I dragged senpai into it too because there was a black friday sale on Origin so… oops I splurged.

To fill the void that gossip girl party left, I found another mobage called Ikemen Sengoku and honestly the writing is so good (always better than SOC)

– I started Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. Unfortunately I had to return this to the library because I couldn’t

– Went to China for the first time:

  • The flight was 16 hours I never want to fly that long ever again. I watched 6 in-flight movies instead of sleeping.
  • I got fucking sick right after I landed in Hong Kong. Not because of a stomach bug or diarrhea as I predicted… I just didn’t sleep for 16 straight hours on the flight there. And I didn’t eat for 3 days and the sight of food just made me wanna puke. It was unpleasant but it was pleasant that my t-mobile plan got me covered in HK AND in Guangzhou. So yes, I could get googles, FB, Youtube, etc. in China lmao.
  • Stayed in HK for 2 days in the beginning and then spent a week in Guangzhou and then went back to HK for a day and flew back from there.
  • There honestly wasn’t much culture shock (in Guangzhou, a bit more in HK cause ppl PUSHED ME hissss), phew. Just annoying questions from relatives that don’t understand the Diaspora Struggle tm. I gotta say I’m not very partial to Canton cuisine because it’s generally lighter/sweeter in flavor than what I prefer, but the dimsum and baked goods are top notch. I’ve never had dimsum so huge.
  •  Someone in the hotel staff had trouble doing 700-630 = 70 don’t ever tell me all asians are good at math again.
  • They have foreigners (mind you, China doesn’t recognize dual citizenship) stay in nice hotels or ELSE.
  • Food and clothes are redic cheap and this is including McD’s.
  • KFCs everywhere
  • Streets are so clean … I wish my taxes went to clean streets and smooth roads for the US but ALAS WI roads are still shitty.
  • The youth like to dress old and the old like to dress vibrant. But that’s just me OTL
  • I got followed around in a clothing store (Yishion, I think?) hardcore and the store clerks were like “don’t touch the extra clothes underneath” when i was looking for bigger sizes. Bitch, I’m just trying to browse thru your GOODS. My mom was like “we’re walking the fuck out”


– After Xmas, I went to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China for a family vacation (literally cause my lil ol lady grandma is the type of person to drag my grandpa everywhere. They’re both octogenarians and livin in the fast lane). Met some family I didn’t know existed and became a doctor to them because they… don’t differentiate between medical science and med pracitce which puzzled me for the longest time because I thought my dad’s cousin was a dermatologist when she’s actually in blood work… Alas.

– Once I got back I had horrible jetlag (I still do) and watched Devilman Crybaby on netflix and got fucked up by the last episode. I still wonder why Ryou didn’t just put Akira in a cage… or like fused with him or something, but that’s stuff we can explore in fanfic or doujin *eyes CLAMP.* Speaking of CLAMP, a lot of their manga/doujins make sense to me now having being introduced to Devilman… Nagai and CLAMP both are audacious in their own ways.

– I got to read letters/cards from my friends that were in my held mail pile ❤ I love them and I wish I could send more love + goodies their way.

– I started the Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. I should have heeded the warnings because it’s not that impressive so far and I’ve had to pause every 20 pages to fact check some things.

– I’m going on another trip to the UK at the end of the month for tourism + graduation ceremony and ofc to see my friends who are still there *confettis*


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