Hobby Update


The blue dress squad

I fell into the Funko figure collection trap this month. I used to call them the poor man’s nendo, but yes, I have succumbed. I had a Pearl Funko pop (non-glow in the dark) from college sitting on my shelves, but ever since I decided to splurge on an Elsa nendoroid with some Xmas money, I decided to get Elsa Funko pops too. And since I got Chinese New Year money… I splurged again. I won’t divulge on how big I splurged, but I splurged, oh my I splurged.

NGL I love Disney Princesses, so I splurged a bit on Disney Princess funkos. Again, I won’t disclose how much but I did.

Tiana (blue dress ver., center) is cute af. I wish her dress were partly-translucent like Elsa’s because in the film she did have sparlkes iirc on the blue dress. There wasn’t a sparkle version I could find of the blue dress, but I did see listings of over characters in this collection with exclusive sparkly/shiny versions at different shops (e.g. Barnes and Noble sparkly harem Jasmine, shiny chrome Cinderella, etc.). Green dress Tiana (not pictured) was harder to find, but I did get her in the end from eBay.

V1 Elsa (left) is pinker and her hair is dirty blonde. Her dress lacks sparkles and her head is bigger than V2 Elsa. Her hair is also a big longer and she’s off balance because of it but can still stand up by herself.

V2 Elsa (right) doesn’t have the blush and her hair is more platinum blonde. She has sparkles on the main part of her dress in addition to the translucent veil. The model is more stable standing up and doesn’t rock back and forth because the hair doesn’t touch the floor. I’d actually say I prefer the reprint version of Elsa because of the paint job, but the paint job can vary between the same model of Funko pop; maybe I just got lucky.

I heard that there was a ceremony Moana and Meg from Hercules being released later this year *shakes fist* this is how they get you.

Pokemon Black Playthrough


I’ve been replaying Pokemon Black because I don’t remember liking the Gen 5 storyline much when I first played the Gen 5 games. I don’t think I ever revisited Gen 5 after it came out, so here I am. I’ve never raised a Hydreigon for a playthrough, so I wanna try this time even though Deino doesn’t appear in-game until Victory Road;;;;;

My team currently: Servine (Mitsuhide), Duosion (Yuni), Tirtouga (Orange), Shazen (Unfezant f), Darumaka (Tikki), Tynamo (Ursula)

Fire Emblem Heroes

This game is a gambling trap. We’re very close to having Celica emblem, I feel it in my bones. I didn’t expect possessed Celica to be a unit! and before Choose Your Legends!Celica too. I actually drew a Rigain Celica WIP to celebrate her win… BUT ANYWAY IT DOESN’T MATTER the more Celicas the merrier. I got possessed Celica as my free roll on the summoning banner gg.

EDIT: On a side note, I would type Celica as ISFJ. I’ve seen people type Elsa as INFJ or ISTJ; I lean more toward INFJ, although I’ve heard in supplementary materials like kids books, she seems more ISTJ. I only typed her based on the movie. As for Tiana, I typed her as ESTJ – she’s very visibly xxTJ.


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