Character Typing

Shatter Me Series MBTI

Hiyo. These are just my notes on some typings for characters from the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi, as Restore Me is coming out soon and it got me thinking about the characters again. Looking over this, I’m surprised there are so many Ni users (no matter the position) in the main squad. Usually no one gets high Ni-users well enough to do more than one of them justice as characters, so I’m really glad Mafi does what she does.

Juliette – INFJ or INFP. It was a hard choice between INFJ and INFP despite these types being completely different in terms of functions because of how unstable Juliette came across and tbh I didn’t read the first book that carefully. If you asked me another day, I might flip-flop to the other one. I say INFP because she refuses to compromise her values when she refuses extravagent meals among other luxuries she’s offered in the first book. BUT I would also say INFJ because of how she’s mentioned how her parents had rejected her, she’s very concerned about how people feel and how they feel about her.

idk sometimes characters/people exist in ways that transcend mbti, alright? I think I’ll revisit this typing when I read Restore Me because I haven’t reread the original trilogy to prepare.

Warner – Most definitely INTJ or ENTJ. My first reaction was to say INTJ until I read Destroy Me, so more likely ENTJ after some thought. Best boy contender disguised as a villain. He initially (by this I mean the first scene) came across as a crazed ENTP, but that was an act. He copes with a lot of his stressors by controlling his immediate environment e.g. always wanting clean clothes, flossing thrice a day, wanting warm socks, which suggests lower Se. In the Destroy Me novella, he tells the liuetnant (his grandpa) to stick to his opinion on coffee even though Warner himself wasn’t a fan of it because he dislikes the idea of using beans (stimulants in this case?) to get through the day. This suggests Te/Fi over Ti/Fe.

Kenji – ESTP, side note: he’s got mcfreakin’ hillarious dialogue. I highly encourage people to keep going in this series for the brilliance that is Kenji alone. He’s got a bombastic way of expressing himself verbally.

Adam – he might have a personality idk (Sorry). jk, I think he’s ISFJ perhaps.


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