monthly wrap-ups

March 2018 Update #2 | Wrap-Ip

This month I actively went to and fro the library. Many books were checked out and never read, but I managed to finish a few.

Manga / Comics / Graphic Novels

  1. The Girl from the Other Side Vol 1 – 4/5 stars
  2. Rat Queens vol 1 – 2/5 stars – I was not a fan of the art, or the crassness. I suppose that is the appeal for some but it wasn’t for me. The lining seemed unprofessional; it was like they took the sketches and just colored over it. I really liked Dee’s character design, though.
  3. Wonder Woman: Love and Murder – 3/5 stars – The art was really nice, but I had a hard time believing that was ACTUALLY Hippolyta.
  4. Wonder Woman: The Odyssey vol. 1 – 3/5 stars – Not a particularly interesting storyline
  5. The Prince and the Dressmaker – Jen Wang – 5/5 stars – BEAUTIFUL, COLORFUL, EVERYTHING. This is how you panel comics. I’ve always had such a problem with the way some graphic novels are structure each page, but I literally read this in 15 minutes. It was a breeze.



  1. The Falconer – Elizabeth May –  3/5 stars. Enjoyable read, but nothing mind-blowing. The main couple reminded me a lot of a healthier/less annoying version of Rowealin. I did not buy into their attraction, but they were tolerable for the most part. I prefered Gavin, but the writer made it clear Aileana wasn’t into him the way I was.
  2. The Heart Forger – Rin Chupeco – 1/5 stars | Goodreads Review here
    • I cannot even with this book. I will say it reads faster than its predecessor. I only worry about the subsequent books and how they portray Drycht because the way they treat Daanoris wasn’t exactly subtle.
  3. Let’s Talk About Love – Claire Kann – 3.75/5 stars – Pretty sweet and short. In my opinion the characters were a bit underdeveloped. Glad to see an ace protagonist of color appearing in YA books. All I can say is I want MORE!!!!

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