2 stars · book review

book review: A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

2 out of 5 stars | GR reviewbooktube review

I liked things in this book, but I also have a grocery list of salt for this book.

A Court of Flaunting wealth and Spending – A hot mess and cash grab but entertaining and sweet at times. Honestly, I wish SJM would spend the time and effort to churn out a good book in its entirety. I enjoy the characters and their interactions, but this book wasn’t necessary.

– The marketing of this as the 4th book in a series. ALSO MARKETING Please put a warning label for the sexual content in this book for the younger readers or market it more as new adult (I speak for the North American release. I’ve been told some editions do have some kind of warning label depending on where you live).

– Too much damn telling over showing. I SEE YOU SNOWBALL FIGHT.

– Sentence fragments.

– Feysand is a dry, vanilla husk of what they used to be (in ACOMAF). Dat smut was so vanilla and cringy. (again please put a warning label for the smut). Rhys is reduced to a mountain bat-shaped dildo and as I’ve seen other reviewers say, Feyre acts like a PTA-mom. These characters are just watered down, less nuanced versions of themselves. I honestly wonder if ACOMAF was a fluke in terms of characterization. I think this is a sign that SJM should take her sweet time for writing instead of churning out less than stellar manuscripts that do her own characters dirty.

– Is Feyre being side-lined in terms of Court business? Or is she taking like an extended break shopping the entire book? It wasn’t ok when she was side-lined with Tamlin, but it is ok with Rhys? W H Y? This fake feminist BS tsk tsk. There’s just a regression of how Feyre is treated who allowed this to happen.

– SIDE NOTE: Tamlin at the end of ACOWAR was like “Feyre be happy” but then there was a total regression of that in ACOFAS when he and Rhys were talking in the Spring Court. I don’t even care about Tamlin, but if you’re gonna include him at least be consistent… is he gonna have a redemption? Or is he gonna be an unforgivable demon? Pick one??? Please.

-ACOFAS isn’t even consistent with itself with using male/female vs man/woman for fae vs. humans. Rhys used ‘women’ for the Illyrian ladies when they previously used male/female for them??? Also Gentlemales.

– Really wish if SJM were gonna expand on the Illyrian ladies, she doesn’t just tell but show.

– I cannot for the life of me figure out what Nessian’s deal is. I’ve never cared for Nessian. I like Cassian and Nesta as separate characters, but whatever is going on between them annoys tf outta me. I feel for Nesta a bit because she’s being forced into this awkward family holiday party business.

– This Nesta drama. She has her own way of healing because her dad basically died in her arms and stuff. Maybe she doesn’t WANT to be part of the happy circle jerk dream court nonsense. Just the way Feyre and company treat Nesta aggravated me. I appreciated the depiction of Nesta’s grieving, but this whole thing could have been handled more gracefully on Feyre + company’s end.

– I felt bad for Lucien back then, but can he lay off of Elain? CAN FEYRE LIKE NOT PRESSURE ELAIN ABOUT HOW GOOD OF A “MALE” LUCIEN IS? SHUT UP FEYRE. Elain doesn’t like himmmmm STAHP. Just let Elain live her life! Just accept the fact that she doesn’t wanna be with him. Everyone needs to chill.

– Amren was a genderless demon being before she Changed but OFC when she’s Changed she’s straight af and screws with this Rando Varian every chance she gets. Most irrelevant inclusion of Varian. At least let us know him a bit??? Also wtf how does Amren not know how to go to the bathroom… and are there no public bathrooms in Velaris? This place is almost like a modern city I’m surprised they can’t magically poof construction projects if they really need them done NOW.

– Elazriel’s cute.
– Azriel’s funny and gets more characterization.
– Amren’s digestion problems. It was GROSS and basically all poop jokes but it was entertaining.
– Nesta’s grieving process.
– The Dream Court’s cute character interactions.


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