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Best Books I’ve Read So Far in 2018

Hiyo! Today I’m going to be listing the best books I’ve read this year 😀 as a part of July 4th’s Top 5 Wednesday topic. It’s not even Wednesday, but I just got back from a road trip so who cares. Let me talk about these books. Believe it or not, I already prepared my top book list for the entire year, so I’d consider this a half way point.

1) A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge

  • MAKEPEACE IS MY GIRL. She is the clever ass Slytherin-Ravenclaw hybrid protag I’ve always wanted to read in my YAs and so far no one else has come close to taking the crown her her. She has a strong personality And a strong character arc. Her resourcefulness and wit have her facing off with her golden child cousin and she would make him Quake if they were on par in terms of social status. She brings down her entire family dynasty. What more can I ask for in a YA protag?

2) Want by Cindy Pon

  • After I got mad over how SOC was hailed as the pinnacle of diversity in YA (which Unpopular Opinion, I’ve read better plots and characters so I’m taking my brownies elsewhere), I never imagined picking up a random book by an author’s name I recgonized but had never read a work of would be the perfect panacea for all my YA read gripe. It’s like Cindy Pon knows my soul and knew just what I needed to read to restore my faith in YA reads. This is more of a character driven book than say, a genre/gimmick driven book, in that in my view, it is the characters that are the driving appeal of WANT, not the sci-fi, which serves more as a back drop. Jason is such an honorable son… he tattoo’d his mom’s fave flower on his chest. If that ain’t love idk what is. And Daiyu lol is not an honorable daughter but that’s why I love her sneaky, sneaky self. And as always, Cindy Pon provides food descriptions that made me salivate so hard.

3) The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang – Maybe it’s because I’ve had a bad year reading comics or maybe because Prince and the Dressmaker is so damn feel-good. I adore this story so much.

4) Shadow Girl by Liana Liu – Underrated as HELL and deserves a better rating on GR. This is definitely more character-centric than ghost-gimmick-centric and I think that’s why people are put off by it. Believe me when I say the main character, Mei, is one of the most well-written female characters I’ve read in a YA in a long time and one of the characters I’ve related the most to.

5) I had a four-way tie btw Deathless (Valente), City of Brass (Chakraborty), The Poppy War (Kuang), and Jade City (F. Lee) and surprisingly all 4 of these are adult fantasy.

  1. Deathless – Valente’s writing is a jewel in a haystack. The book’s not a traditionally structured story. The rest of the writing choices appealed to me so much I almost didn’t care that the plot was a mess.
  2. City of Brass – FINALLY a villain that isn’t one-note evil for the sake of being evil. I have a kind of a *thing* for Dara despite the fact that he’s a war criminal.
  3. The Poppy War – Man the volano thing shook me. That’s all I have to say.
  4. Jade City – I just finished this! And the family dynamics are off the charts. I related the most to Shae as a former golden child and granfparent’s favorite who always feels like she had something to prove and tried to do that with bad life decisions. Hilo was probably ghost-written by my dad because his relationship with Shae and Andy was so much like the one I have with my dad. Hilo’s Asian dad-isms (“people are like horses”) gave me life.



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