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Books I’ve Removed From My TBR | TP5

The Top 5 Wednesday topic for July 18 is books you wanted to read at one point, but don’t anymore! These will also include books I straight up refused to read after learning more about them. This is a really good topic because I’ve never done a list of books including books I dropped from my life.

1) Nevernight, but really any book by Jay Kristoff

  • Sigh. The author earned a spot on my shit list for being ultra unapologetic for the shit he pulled in his Lotus Wars series and further cemented his books on my shit list with how he handled his response to a reader about the incorporation of Maori culture in  Nevernight. I don’t care how good Kristoff’s books are, I’m on my Not This Shitto Agen Mode; his books are canceled in my eyes.


2) Witchland series – Susan Dennard

  • Reading Truthwitch was an experience that was the equvilant of reading textbook. Once I opened the book, I didn’t want to do it, but I felt like I had to. The core relationship of the series, Safi and Iseult’s friendship, was never properly cemented and the plot was like walking, walking and more walking. Except this is supposedly action-packed a la ATLA, so running, running and MORE running. There was way too much action for the sake of action and not enough internal world-building to justify the plot progression. Things happened only because the author willed them to happen.
  • The romances are like… “push me against a tree passionately and we almost kiss” which I’m just not into. Merik and Safi vs. Iseult and Aeduan almost feel the same in this respect. hmph.
  •  I also had a problem with how the Nomatsi people were described. It seems like white YA authors (though this can extend to non-Asian authors in general) think angled, tilted and folded are acceptable descriptors for what I’m assuming is a sterotypical E. Asian monolid because they’re not describing it as slanty eyes or almond. Bitch, everyone’s eyes have angles. Why are you paying so much attention to a person’s eyelid shape in the first place? Do people really just go up to someone real close and make note of the number of creases in their eyelid or is this racism? Aeduan is described as having like half “folded” eyelids or smth compared to Iseult who is full-blooded Nomatsi but… bruh half Asian ≠ 50% folded eyelid wtf. Stop coding characters as East Asian only by their eyelids. Please stick to marine bio, Susan. Do I have to link the Writing with Colo(u)r tumblr page resource everytime? Yes, I guess I have to. I’ve recently had conversations with someone else who side-eyed the way the Nomatsi were described and lol they were given the melanin vampire treatment too. I’m also skeevy about Aeduan and Iseult probably being pairted together because of their shared heritage. Just augh this is a big can of worms,  this whole Nomatsi thing put me off. I question the YA community a lot because this is like hailed as a paragon of diversity when it ain’t shit imo. Don’t even let me start with Cam.

3) Heroine Worship + sequel – Sarah Kuhn

  • Actually, this series had everything going for it to win my favor! I read about a third of the first book, Heroine Complex, and I enjoyed the characters. I just didn’t enjoy the romantic relationship they were going for. Socially awkward nerd characters only appeal to me if done with a certain level of finesse and that was not present here. I knew I couldn’t really stomach Nate and Evie’s relationship, so I had to sacrifice the series’ place on my TBR.

4) Rebel Belle series – Rachel Hawkins

  • I can handle stories in school settings, I promise. At the point in my life where I Was reading Rebel Belle, I had such a fucked relationship with academic achievement (*cough* I still do, but I’m more secure with it), the main character’s desire to be the very best in school just rubbed me the wrong way. Unintended, because this is My Baggage. I tried to audiobook this series, but I forgot my placement on the track so I just dropped it LOL.

5) Tower of Dawn – Sarah J. Maas

  • I didn’t even finish Empire of Storms. It’s just too behemoth and I’ve lost too much of my interst in TOG to finish it, so I settled on reading YA recaps for the rest of the series including Tower of Dawn. I dooo want to know what happens at the end of TOG, but not enough to slog through two big ass books I have no interest in reading.

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