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The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

2 stars | Goodreads

I don’t get it.

That’s it?!

My god I should have known I’d be disappointed if Laini Taylor and Bardugo blurbed this because my taste often clashes with their creative (and in my opinion medicore) decisions and NOW I KNOW WHY HHKLJFDS.

Gen is not a bad character. Sophos isn’t bad either. But damn, this book was too full of walking and horse-riding and non-essential details about geography and olive farms. I wish the entire book were like the last chapter, because I am not one for delayed gratification and waiting almost 250 pages to make sure any of the aforementioned non-essential details were relevant to the ending. Intent does not absolve impact. If the intent were to make a gripping story with an unrealiable narrator throughout, the intent was there, but the impact was not.

The inclusion of so many details in the writing lacked focus, so the ending and reveal may seem like it came out of nowhere. A book that ends with a predictable ending can still be satisfactory, because it builds up the readers expectations and lets them enjoy the journey there. The journey to the end of this book was like floating in an ocean floating in no particular direction and gasping for sweet, sweet land when you inadvertently find it. It’s over. Thank god.

If you’re anything like me, you thought watching the Lord of the Rings movies was tedious and didn’t get past the part where they just walk over landscapes for what felt like hours. This was the same for me.

Lemme know if it gets better please. If the rest of the series is so beloved, there better be a drastic improvement from the Thief.


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