The Storyteller Blog Tour + Giveaway

Hello, friends! I’ve had the pleasure to be part of The Storyteller Blog Tour organized by Penguin Teen to celebrate the release of the final book in the Sea of Ink and Gold / The Reader trilogy, The Storyteller by Traci Chee. When I was first contacted about The Storyteller, I hadn’t even started The Reader series yet, but I had always admired the covers from afar, so when it clicked that these goregous books:

          The ReaderSpeakerStoryteller .jpg

…comprised The Reader series, I had to jump on this chance. The ponytail representation is real (coming from a fellow ponytail gal).

Book Description


The Storyteller
by Traci Chee

Published: November 13th 2018

Published By: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (Penguin)

Series: Sea of Ink and Gold #3

(Book 1: The Reader, Book 2: The Speaker)


Synopsis: Sefia is determined to keep Archer out of the Guard’s clutches and their plans for war between the Five Kingdoms. The Book, the ancient, infinite codex of the past, present and future, tells of a prophecy that will plunge Kelanna in that bloody war, but it requires a boy–Archer–and Sefia will stop at nothing to ensure his safety. The Guard has already stolen her mother, her father, and her Aunt Nin. Sefia would sooner die than let them take anymore from her–especially the boy she loves.

But escaping the Guard and the Book’s prophecy is no easy task. After all, what is written always comes to pass. As Sefia and Archer watch Kelanna start to crumble to the Guard’s will, they will have to choose between their love and joining a war that just might tear them apart. Full of magic, suspense, and mystery, Traci Chee brings her Sea of Ink and Gold trilogy to a close in this spellbinding final installment.

Blog Tour Week 3: The Speaker

Character That Helped You Find Your Voice

*vague spoilers for The Reader and The Speaker*

For those who’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll definitely notice I love this one particular character: the Wicked Witch of the West herself, Elphaba Thropp. She’s green, misunderstood and stays true to herself in the face of adversity. For the majority of the musical (that’s right, I’m citing the musical), Elphaba is sure of her convictions and fights for equality in Oz. In life, we always meet opposition in some for or another, and with that our convictions are put to the test. I’ve always loved that Elphaba wasn’t afraid to be different and speak out in a world that seemed so complicit with injustices against the Animals.

That brings us to The Speaker, where Sefia and Archer are on a quest to hunt down Impressors and rescue the boys they hold captive. The more battles they fight, the more Archer seems to go down a route of relishing in violence and cruelty. This suggests to Sefia that the Book might be showing them a self-fulfilling prophecy with regards the the Boy with the Scar who’ll lead an army.

Though The Speaker seems to be Archer’s namesake and The Reader Sefia’s, Sefia’s personal journey stood out and subverted my original expectations of the Speaker. For much of The Speaker, Sefia struggles to come to terms with the actions of her parents and tries to cope with Archer’s developing bloodlust. Additionally, the Book isn’t helping her change the future told in its pages. Her actions seem to be directly feeding into the future that is already written. In order to protect the people she cares about, Sefia decides to take matters into her own hands and seeks to defy the Book.

What I found powerful about Sefia’s arc is that she must grapple with the fact that we can’t change the past, but we can certainly reclaim our personal power and write our own futures. Some of us take longer than others to find our voice, but that doesn’t mean our convictions are any less strong than those who’ve always had it. Even though Sefia has an all-powerful book, she still doesn’t have all the answers, so she finally finds her resolve when all the knowledge the Book can offer isn’t enough.

Author Bio

Traci CheeTraci Chee is an all-around word geek, she loves book arts and art books, poetry and paper crafts. She studied literature and creative writing at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and earned a master of arts degree from San Francisco State University. Traci grew up in a small town with more cows than people, and now feels most at home in the mountains, scaling switchbacks and happening upon hidden highland lakes. She lives in California with her fast-fast dog. The Speaker is the second book in the Sea of Ink and Gold trilogy that began with The Reader.


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