Hi, y’all. My name is Alice and I call myself the Noodle Queen heh.

  • Alice
  • 24
  • libra sun/scorpio moon
  • intj 5w4
  • eng/中文/de/日本語すこし ok
  • in the dairyland, US
  • science by day, petty saltbinch by night
  • book reviewer / artist / writer as a hobby

Contact info

Currently based in the USA. I’ve recently graduated with a masters in neuroscience : D. I love me some fantasy stories and animanga. I mostly read high fantasy and historical fiction, but I’m a very temperamental reader, so I’m pretty lassez faire when I choose books to read, for better or worse. I read where the wind takes me OWO. I’m also an aspiring writer of fantastical wish-fulfiling levels. I also talk about food a lot.

Asian Book Bloggers Directory (shutupshealea.com)

Rating System: 

I rate books on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on personal enjoyment and the quality of the book (which is subjective, of course). I primarily base the “quality” aspect on character, world-building and plot, but I will note other elements of the book that stood out as well. Please remember that I do this (reviewing books) for fun. Some of my reviews are more articulate than others. If I don’t have much to say about a book, I usually opt for a star review and a few comments. If I have plenty to discuss, definitely expect an in-depth review that is not always PG.

Review policy:

I primarily cover YA and adult fantasy, scifi, and historical fiction. I am open to inclusion of romantic elements in books I seek out. Open and eager to read books that include LGBTQIAP+ characters and characters of color and other forms of diversity. I give my honest opinion and feedback in my reviews, which may be posted on my Goodreads account, WordPress blog, and/or Booktube channel. Due to the nature of reviewing books in general, I may not necessarily provide a positive review for books received, as the two major criterion I take into consideration in my reviews are my personal enjoyment and my opinion on the quality of the book in question.

Please do note that I review books as a hobby, not professionally. I would love to give input about how well representation is done for my identities. However, I will not FIX the problems that arise in the manuscript for you. That work is on the author themselves, not me. My job is to provide feedback as a member of the audience, meaning as a reader.

Professional Reader


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