Hi, y’all. My name is Alice and this is where I review books and post stuff about MBTI. Hopefully.

I’ve recently graduated with a masters in neuroscience : D. I love me some fantasy stories and animanga. I’m an INTJ, but you never met a bitch like me, especially not in the movies because these badly written movie villain INTJs keep getting caught. And that’s like… the number one rule. Anyway, out of frustration, and I suppose passion, I decided to finally make a blog specifically about MBTI and my fictional interests.

Rating System: I rate books based on how much I enjoy them, so it’s subjective. I try to elaborate on why I rate them as I do, but heh. I do this for fun.

How I type characters: I type them by what cognitive functions they use, not by the letters by themselves. Not completely scientific but neither is mbti lmao.


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