Hi, y’all. My name is Alice and I call myself the Noodle Queen heh.

Currently based in the USA, but may be subject to change for my studies. I’ve recently graduated with a masters in neuroscience : D. I love me some fantasy stories and animanga. I mostly read high fantasy and historical fiction, but I’m a very temperamental reader, so I’m pretty lassez faire when I choose books to read, for better or worse. I read where the wind takes me OWO. I’m also an aspiring writer of fantastical wish-fulfiling levels. I also talk about food a lot.

I’m an INTJ, but you never met a bitch like me, especially not in the movies because these badly written movie villain INTJs keep getting caught when they do something villainous. And that’s like… the number one rule. Anyway, out of frustration, and I suppose passion, I decided to finally make a blog specifically about MBTI and my fictional interests.

Tropes I love: Princesses. If you got one, you got a foot in the door of this house.

Tropes I hate: Childhood friend to lover syndrome. I will complain and moan about this all the time, but if it’s written well I’m a-ok with it.

Once Upon a Never OTP: Zutara, of course. I’m still salty about that and I will never stop being salty.

Rating System: I rate books based on how much I enjoy them, so it’s subjective. I try to elaborate on why I rate them as I do, but heh. I do this for fun. Some of my reviews are more articulate than others. If I don’t have much to say about a book, I usually opt for a star review and a few comments. If I have plenty to discuss, definitely expect an in-depth review.

Review policy (in the works):

I primarily cover YA and adult fantasy, scifi, and historical fiction. I am open to inclusion of romantic elements in books I seek out. Open and eager to read books that include LGBTQIAP+ characters and characters of color and other forms of diversity. I give my honest opinion and feedback in my reviews, which may be posted on my Goodreads account, WordPress blog, and/or Booktube channel. Due to the nature of reviewing books in general, I may not necessarily provide a positive review for books received, as the two major criterion I take into consideration in my reviews are my personal enjoyment and my opinion on the quality of the book in question.


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