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2019 Mid-Year Book Blogging Reflections

Yay! Happy June July!

When 2019 hit, a reversal of luck in my personal life is all I asked for. But there I was, still being buffeted by the winds of my foes’ enmity and cast about the waves of cruel fate up ’till March. And you ask, am I okay?

Well, the answer is: Of course, everything turned out to be fine in the end and I got to strangle 2018 and bury it behind me. It was literally one of the worst years of my life and I’m off to brighter and better things in the months ahead. I’m going to start doing my PhD in the fall, so I likely have hit my peak of reading activity for the year already. In this post I’m going to go over my book blogging experience in the first half of 2019 and reflect on what I find out in the process. I’ll be going over my reading progress in a separate post because this got too long.

Abstract goals:

  • Getting the hang of becoming a legit book blog (in my personal view at least hehe)
  • Loosening the grasp of my twitter addiction
  • Reflecting on what kind of writer I want to be

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A Year in Review | Alice’s Book Awards of 2018

Hello, friends! Arisutocrat Awards 2018 is finally here (after months of delay)! I worked hard on ranking my favorite reads and favorite book characters in 2018.

Read in 2018, not necessarily published in 2018


Hopefully the titles should be straightforward. For Best Book, I chose the book I thought was hands down the best in craft. My personal favorite designates the book I loved the most. All other favorite categories are ranked after taking quality and personal preference into account. Unnumbered listings signify no ranking or overall similar levels of quality/enjoyment.

Books that Brought Home Honor

Best Book of 2018: Circe by Madeline Miller

Personal Favorite: Sweet Black Waves by Kristina Perez

Favorite YA Fantasies:

  1. A Skinful of Shadows – Frances Hardinge
  2. Ace of Shades – Amanda Foody
  3. Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix – Julie Dao
  4. Sweet Black Waves – Kristina Perez

Favorite YA Non-fantasy:

  • Want – Cindy Pon
  • Shadow Girl – Liana Liu

Favorite Adult Fantasies*: 

  • City of Brass – S. A. Chakraborty
  • Jade City – Fonda Lee
  • Deathless – Catherynne M. Valente
  • Poppy War – R. F. Kuang

*Excluding Circe.

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