Swayed by the Lime, Stayed for the Lime

Good with a squeeze of lemon.

Breaking Not News – We all knew I was idol anime trash and it was only a matter of time.

I was studying for my abstract exam yesterday and decided to marathon all of the current Marginal #4 anime episodes (I’m done with the exam now, so no worries until the next). I’ve been aware of Magi4 for a while, but only now have I actually given it a shot.

So like… I avoided Magi4 because I wasn’t a fan of green hair BUT THEN MY FAVE ENDED UP BEING 50 SHADES OF MARIMO. It’s proven, I’m easy. If it’s not glasses, it’s something whack like this and I’m ok with this.

This is from the pasta/softcore horror episode.

This show is honestly so nonsensical but cute I can’t help but adore it.

One of the first episodes is about Lucky Underwear. There’s another about pasta and includes softcore horror. There’s an ep about a stuffed penguin mascot and one about them making udon. This show was clearly made with someone like me in mind because it’s either about cute shit or food… or a dummy mic bust of Pythagoras.

tfw ur confessing love to Pythagoras

Not for everyone, but it is indeed for me.

Character Typing

Yuri!!! on Ice: Viktor Nikiforov (ENFJ)

*SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES and possibly word of God aka Kubo-sensei’s interviews/tweets/etc.*

This is by no means an extensive post on every instance I’ve found evidence that Vik is ENFJ, but these are the things that stood out to me when I was trying to type him. I did originally peg him as an ESFJ, but this man does not have Si lol.

Also Vik is definitely not ENFP (I dedicate this statement to my friend Yao, who would be happy to see me tell y’all once and for all) and I will show you why…

Fe – Vik asks Yuuri what role he wants Viktor to be in their relationship. He’s picks up on Yuuri’s feelings easily (though, he’s not always accurate) and, as Yuuri said, meets him half way. Viktor’s go-to action was to try to adapt his role/persona to Yuuri’s needs (Fe) vs. Yuuri’s request for him to just be himself (Fi).

He urges Yuuri to be nicer to his fans  and expresses disappointment when Yuuri is all into his own internal issues (Yuuri has Fi btw, which is a good contrast here).

Also, see the season 1 finale where he hides his true feelings for Yuuri’s sake at the Kiss n Cry when he says he’s coming back to skating. We obviously know he’s shook because he doesn’t want Yuuri to retire, but he doesn’t say anything to tip Yuuri off because of Yuuri’s excitement/happiness that Vik is coming back to skating.

He rarely loses his temper, and even when he does he doesn’t lash out. Vik is also pretty expressive facially – which isn’t giving much insight on his Fe itself. Usually Fe users tend to be more expressive with their faces and Fi users show emotion more with their eyes. That’s just a fun thing I noted. (insert HEART MOUTH SMILE).

Ni – Even though Vik was lacking two the L words (love and life) for years during his skating career, he can still get the “feel” of what he needs to present to the audience in order to perform his routines. He also has a hard time describing in words what “agape” means to him – he imagines it in a more abstract way than concrete, so it’s more of an idea than something tangible.

Se – Viktor has impulsive spending habits (like me!). He’s got an eye for things that are aesthetically pleasing. He also suggests to burn the tie Yuuri wears on television. In addition, when Yuuri is trying to find his eros and says that katsudon will be his source of eros, Viktor goes out to drink and arrives back in the morning with a hang over. Viktor also picks up on Yuuri’s non-verbal behavior in the (PROPOSAL) episode and also that Yuuri was his fan from the way Yuuri skates.

Ti – Vik can be pretty critical – he’s quick to point out what isn’t working and we do hear his internal logic in the narration that gives us some insight to his thought process.

Character Typing

Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuuri Katsuki (ISFP)

I think it’s sort of the consensus that Yuuri is ISFP, but for the sake of completion (Vikturi pair) here we go. *Spoilers for the entire series*

Fi – Yuuri needs time alone to process his emotions. He also thinks about his feelings in terms of himself. He may not be aware of how he comes across to others e.g. Minami while he’s stewing over his internal dilemma. He has a more subdued way of expressing his feelings vs. Vik who is outright affectionate (dat Fe).

Se – From Viktor’s POV in the proposal episode, he observes the way that Yuuri was always looking for the right something, indicating that Yuuri is comfortable with sampling his external environment in the moment.

It’s noted several times in the series that Yuuri is in his element when he moves with the music during a performance. He’s willing to take risks like changing the jumps in his program on the fly.

Yuuri also has a tendency to stress eat from pressure before competitions.

Ni -Yuuri struggles to grasp a concept for Eros and needs to use katsudon to help him focus.

Yuuri thinks quite a bit about his future regarding his retirement from skating. Yuuri also sees the implication of his bad performance on Vik’s reputation. He thinks a lot about how he can’t keep Viktor away from the skating world and about the skating world without Vik.

Te – Yuuri makes some callous remarks in his internal monologue at the Nationals after he and Vik have that moment in the parking garage because LOL Vik’s methods didn’t exactly work. So his grip Te activates and does what’s effective in his moment of Te grip clarity?? We see this again in the finale internal monologue when Yuuri skates Yuri on Ice when he talks about Yurio being an idiot for using up his stamina or smth.

Yuuri wants to add more quads to his routine to match JJ’s difficulty score – basically to get the job done and get dat marriage medal. Unfortunately, this plan backfires because he focuses too much on the technique rather than playing his stregnths and he’s unable to skate his best Eros in the penultimate episode.

A rather amusing example of his Te is where he tells Vik to take him sightseeing (more overplayed in the Eng dub, but I thought it was cute) because nah he got a plan to relax with his bae in Barcelona.